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British Design
British Craftsmanship

JAK JAES ​prides itself on ethically sourcing incredibly beautiful natural stones.

Our creative process is driven by a combination of traditional craftsmanship along with a modern approach
to design and manufacturing.

'Inspiration, creativity,
numerous man-hours to craft...

loved by you for eternity'

Creative Process
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Design Process

The realisation of our designs began with inspiration gained through our natural surroundings and our love of art. Our ideas are sketched and brought to colour by traditional gouache painting techniques.

modern techniques

JAK JAES incorporates modern techniques by employing 3D technologies to refine our designs and produce initial prototypes.

Traditional Casting

Finalised designs are given to our team of highly skilled artisans who, using hand and machine, begin creating the elements required for each piece.


Our intricate designs require assembly that can only be achieved by the very best craftspersons in the field.

Hand Finished

Offering unparalleled skill in craftsmanship, our British artisans hand finish each and every piece, individually.


Each piece is carefully inspected, and individually approved, to ensure each piece is finished to the highest standards.

"Our jewellery's journey began millions of years prior to it's design with
the formation of a diamond...
One of nature’s most closely guarded secrets"

Raw Diamond
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The Beginning
The Beginning

The beginning of your JAK JAES jewellery piece began with a chance occurrence.
Diamonds were formed in the depths of the earth, millions of years ago, through intense heat and pressure compressing pure carbon.


The rough gems are pushed to the surface through the power of volcanic eruptions and are then revealed through erosion or mining. Mined and sourced ethically, these rare treasures are unearthed in raw form. It takes a true master to unearth the diamond's true potential. Exposing the fire within.

Exceptional Clarity

We use only ethically sourced diamonds at JAK JAES, with virtually unrivalled quality and clarity. Our stones are VS F colour and completely natural.

Learn about the importance of the 4C's used in diamond selection here.

Image by Scottsdale Mint
Image by Jingming Pan
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Our designs are cast in Sterling Silver and hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office. This includes the JAK JAES Hallmark.


Our Silver pieces are then plated in;

  • Yellow Gold

  • Rose Gold

  • Oxidisied Silver.


Our gold pieces are cast by our artisans and hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office, including our own JAK JAES hallmark.

We use 9k Gold, 9k White Gold and 9k Rose Gold in our premium pieces.

Enamelling Process

Colour is incredibly important in JAK JAES design. We employ traditional enamelling techniques, with kiln fired enamel by expert enamel artisans. Each colour is refined until the perfect luminous shade required to compliment our designs is found.

Gift Wrapping
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gift wrapping

While making your purchase you can take the opportunity to add our complimentary gift wrapping service. Wrapped in a premium grey paper and tied with our JAK JAES branded ribbon and the additional option of a short message on a tag.

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