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The 4C's

Diamonds are Graded Using the 4C's

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A diamond is one of nature’s most closely guarded secrets. They were formed in the depths of the earth millions of years ago through intense heat and pressure compressing pure carbon. These rough gems are then pushed to the surface through the power of volcanic eruptions and are then revealed through erosion or mining.


These immensely rare stones all have very different characteristics and are as unique as the individual wearing them.

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We often think of a diamond’s cut as its shape (round, oval, etc.), but in reality it actually refers to both the shape and how well a diamond’s facets interact with light, generating it's "Fire". 

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Colour is a decisive aspect in judging the beauty of a diamond. The more white and

colourless the stone, the greater the rarity and value, except in the case of coloured diamonds.

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The clarity of a diamond is based on the number of inclusions or marks

that affect the stones transparency.

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The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats. One carat equals 100 points.

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