Jewellery Design

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We have worked with many leading names in the jewellery industry, each having their own inimitable style. The team can liaise and build on the unique qualities of your brand and create stunning designs. 

It is a real passion for us to work with these beautiful stones that nature has created. We have the opportunity to design settings that truly enhance all aspect of these most remarkable gems.


Hand Drawn Illustrations

With a background in traditional jewellery design we appreciate the importance of hand drawn jewellery illustrations and sketches. This is the start of the story for the hand-made jewellery piece.

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3d Jewellery Design

We have also embraced the latest CAD technology enabling us to build full 3d models that can be rendered at a photographic level. The quality is such that is barely discernable from a genunine photograph. It can then be developed using 3d prototyping and castable prints.


Examples of our work

These are all images that have been designed / 3D modeld and rendered by our design team. 
All Jak Jaes jewellery designs are under copyright and are not be copied or reproduced without permission.